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4 Benefits of Buying a Generator

Being left without any power during a storm is horrible. South Florida gets power outages. Power outages are caused by lightning strikes. Having no power in your household or local business is extremely inconvenient. That’s why getting a generator is a terrific solution. A generator is an appliance that supplies electricity during an outage, thunderstorm, or hurricane. There are many benefits of a generator. A generator is a backup power supply. There is a myriad of ways that having a generator will be essential and beneficial to you. Here are three benefits of a generator that you should greatly consider.

1. Extra Backup for Household Electric Power

There is nothing worse than sitting in your house with your family just pointing flashlights around for what can possibly be multiple days. This is a reality to many Florida homes after a hurricane. The most common reason people get a generator is that they want to be prepared for a storm. You want to make sure that you are ready. It is a great feeling when you do not have to worry about having your power go out because you have a generator. Having a backup source will make sure to keep food in the refrigerator fresh during a major power outage. If individuals have any health concerns, they will find a generator useful. Generators will provide electrically powered medical equipment with a short term power supply. An air conditioning unit is a critical appliance that will benefit from the use of a generator. Having air conditioning greatly benefits people with breathing problems or the elderly during hot weather. A generator will provide your household or local business with that extra backup power that you’ll need in an emergency.

2. Thunderstorms and South Florida

Thunderstorms are a part of life in South Florida. Hurricane season typically lasts about five months. Consequently, Florida leads the United States in the number of thunderstorms days out of the year. With the quickly changing world climate, the weather is becoming very hard to predict. That makes the need for having a generator all the more necessary.

3. Benefits of a Generator for Recreational Activities

A generator has a ton of benefits for recreational activities. For example, when people think about camping they think, no electricity. However, even a recreational event such as camping doesn’t have to be a primitive experience. Generators can bring luxuries of home to a campsite. People that like to camp can do so with more creature comforts. Then they can run an electrical appliance such as a tv or other electronics. A cabin will benefit from a generator as well. You can have an electric stove and a small refrigerator. A generator will provide a supply of electricity to those appliances.

4. Extra Power Backup for Local Businesses

Businesses will be negatively impacted by losing power, because of this local businesses should have a generator. Owning a generator has many benefits. Local businesses that rely on heavy refrigeration would be perfect candidates for getting a generator. Businesses such as butcher shops and family restaurants could lose most of their inventory. Being without power for even just a few hours can cause food to turn bad. Lastly, if you are a local healthcare provider, you stand to benefit from a generator as well. Having an extra power backup source is critical for running life-saving or life-maintaining machines.

5. Safety

In coastal areas such as South Florida, our geographical regions make us prone to hurricanes. As a resident, it should be a priority to own a generator. Knowing the potential dangers and consequences that a severe thunderstorm or hurricane can have should be enough to convince you to buy a generator. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your local business to be in the best position to withstand any natural disaster. The benefits of a generator are too great to ignore not to at the very least consider getting one. When you do make a decision on getting a generator here are some safety tips to be well informed on.

6. Why Should I Have a Generator?

Ultimately you should have a generator. A generator is like an insurance policy. You don’t know when you’ll need it. However, you’ll be extremely glad once a disaster hits that you have it. Having a generator allows you to maintain comfort levels during emergencies. A generator will give you peace of mind. In addition, generators are fast and automatic, and you’ll see results instantly. Let us at SunCoast Electic & Air help you to install, or maintain a generator.

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