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5 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

There are so many great benefits to installing a home security system. Some people can have anxiety if left at home alone, or stress about the well being of their home if they are on vacation. Installing a home security system can help solve both of these issues. Many people have a misconception that installing a home security system is only to prevent burglaries; however, this is not the case. Modern safety equipment allows for your security system to video monitor your house 24/7, detect fires and when carbon monoxide levels get too high.

 Protect Your Family and Home From Burglars

According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every thirteen seconds. This stat equates to about two million burglaries every year. These two statistics alone should be enough of a call to action to have a home security system installed. Studies show that homes without these systems in place are about three times more likely to be the target of a home invasion. That is not to say that installing a home security system makes it impossible for someone to target your house for a break in, but it is a great deterrent. If a home intruder does make it into your home, a loud alarm system can scare them off. Also, if the loud alarm does not spook off the home intruder, it will at least act as a warning signal allowing you to hide or get to a safe area.

Protect Against Fires

Many people do not realize how many other services a home security system can provide. One of these many useful services is an added layer of protection from fires. Although, many homes have smoke detectors some home security systems can also monitor sources of heat. Monitoring heat may not sound very glamorous, but according to U.S. Fire Administration, in just thirty seconds a small flame can turn into a full blown fire. With this type of speed, it is important to do your best to protect your home from fires.

Having a home security system is also perfect for when no one is home as well. Whatever company operates your security system will alert authorities as soon as they see smoke or heat detector go off. This feature is imperative in cases when no one is home except a family pet. If a home fire starts while you are out of the house and no one is there to alert authorities the family pet could be doomed. However, if you have a home security system and the authorities are notified as early as possible the family pet has a much greater chance of making it out.

Carbon Monoxide

Possibly even more dangerous than a home invasion and a fire could be carbon monoxide. Although, not as thought of as both a home invasion or a fire, carbon monoxide is just as serious. The thing that makes carbon monoxide so dangerous is that it is invisible to our human senses. Carbon Monoxide is a clear, odorless gas. When too much of this gas enters our home, we end up with a lack of oxygen. In the most simple terms, it starts to suffocate you. In most cases, victims of carbon monoxide poisoning do not realize until it is too late.

A home security system does come with carbon monoxide detectors. These carbon monoxide detectors work very similarly to how a smoke detector works. Carbon monoxide can become lethal within minutes if there is a high enough concentration. The speed at which carbon monoxide can become fatal makes it paramount to have the right safeguards in place to protect you and your family. A home security system will be able to dispatch authorities as quickly as possible.

Home Owner’s Insurance

In almost all cases it is mandatory to have homeowners insurance before becoming a homeowner. The cost of this insurance can vary depending on a number of details such as location, coverage, insurance company, and the type of house. Having a home security system can substantially reduce the cost of homeowners insurance by up to 20%. Over time this adds up to a significant chunk of money in your pocket.

Controlling Your House Remotely

Some of the higher end home security systems make it possible to control almost your entire house with the push of a button. Literally, from the other side of the world, you can do things such as arm or disarm your alarm, turn lights on and off, and even change the air conditioning. Many of these security systems also come with monitors so you can personally check in on the condition of your home no matter where you are in the world. This gives many homeowners piece of mind when they travel. Another perk of controlling your home when you are away is that it give the illusion someone is home. Making potential home intruders believe someone is home can deter them from burglarizing your home.


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