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5 Signs It Is Time For A New Air Conditioner

Why You Need a New Air Conditioner

This past winter proved to be a short one– the heat is here. A properly working air conditioner belongs in every Floridian’s home. It’s not a luxury as it is in northern states. A Florida summer without air conditioning is not a summer you want to experience. So replace an old, outdated unit for a new one if any of these signs apply to your air conditioner.

It Takes Forever to Cool

It shouldn’t take too long for you to notice when the air conditioning kicks in. If you turn down the thermostat, but your home is still stuffy and hot, your air conditioning lacks efficiency. It may be old, or it may be too small for your home. Don’t waste money on high power bills when you can’t even enjoy the benefits of an air conditioner. Figure out your air conditioner’s SEER rating. If it is below 13, you need a more efficient unit.

The Air Conditioner Is over Ten Years Old– but Not Working

If your unit is 11 years old and still keeps your home cool, there is no need to replace your air conditioner. However, if it needs repairs, there is no point in calling a handyman. Investing in a new air conditioning unit is a better idea than repairing one that only has about 2-5 more years to give. You will save money in the long run and enjoy the fruits of a cool, well-regulated home. Plus, companies design news units as more energy efficient, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

It Breaks Down A Lot

Does your A/C repairman know more about you on a first name basis? It may be great customer service… or maybe he’s over there too much. If your air conditioning unit breaks down constantly, the costs add up quickly. Replace your old unit with a new energy efficient air conditioner and stop the need for constant repairs. Your A/C guy will be alright, we promise.

It Uses Freon

R 22 Freon is an ozone-depleting substance (ODS) in the United States. The government announced the phaseout of the refrigerant in 1992– so if your air conditioner still uses Freon, it’s time to replace. Not only is it dangerous to the environment, but Freon is also very expensive.You have to replace it eventually, so do it now to save on Freon costs and enjoy an energy-efficient new air conditioner this summer.

Repairs Cost An Arm and a Leg

You know how when you total a car it’s cheaper just to replace it? The same mindset applies to your air conditioning unit. If your A/C quits and needs pocketbook-draining repairs, a new air conditioner may be more cost-efficient. Weigh the costs before deciding, but if your unit needs repairs now and shows one or more of the other signs on this list, it is time to replace.

Suncoast Electric and Air: Your Source for a New Air Conditioner

Suncoast Electric and Air can help. We serve south Florida with the best, most affordable new air conditioners and installation. We offer the most affordable air conditioning upgrades, and our technicians are specially trained to install safely. Your home is in good hands with Suncoast Electric and Air.

Once our technicians install your new air conditioner, we offer maintenance services including:

  • Maintaining your unit with new filters
  • Unclogging drain lines
  • Installing and repairing proper electrical connections
  • Cleaning coils
  • Duct cleaning
  • And more!

We provide you with several options, so you pick the perfect new air conditioning unit for you home and family’s needs. Suncoast measures your home’s square footage and studies the layout to recommend the most efficient unit. We carry the latest units and devices and train our staff to properly educate our clients when upgrading.

Convinced it’s time for a new air conditioner. Contact us today!

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