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5 Steps to the Right Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

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Times are tough, so it’s important to save every penny you can – but where do you start? Your electric bill probably isn’t making your life any easier, but with an energy efficient air conditioner, you’ll watch your energy bill become lower and lower.

So now comes the hard part: which air conditioner is right for you? There are many types of air conditioners on the market, all of which claim to be energy efficient in some way, but knowing what to look for will be helpful.

Here are few important factors that will make your journey to the most energy efficient air conditioner much more simple:

1. Check the energy star ratings on the air conditioner. A good and energy efficient air conditioner will have high energy ratings listed. You’ll be saving the most on your energy bill if the listed rating is 3 or above.

2. Check for BEE energy star ratings. BEE makes energy star ratings a requirement for all types of room air conditioners. Air conditioners can be pricy pieces of equipment when it comes to power consumption, but with the BEE energy star ratings, you will be saving as much power and money as possible. The higher the BEE star rating, the more energy efficient your air conditioner is.

3. Check for Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The EER tells you the cooling capacity of an air conditioner relative to the power consumption. The higher the EER ratio, the higher the cooling will be and the lower your electricity  consumption will be.

4. Check the Coefficient Performance Rating (COP). Cost efficient performance is very much like the Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is calculated as the amount of cooling produced to the total amount of energy. The amount of energy output is equivalent to the amount of energy input.

5. Be sure that the cooling capacity of air conditioner is just right. The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is measured in British transfer units. You should make sure that the cooling capacity is in sync with the units that are available.

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