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5 Ways an Electrician Can Help You Lower Your Electric Bill

Receiving a sky-high electric bill is disheartening. And although you may already be practicing some of the many different ways that you can keep your electrical bill down, you may not realize that your electrician can help. Here are seven ways that an electrician can lower the cost of electricity in your home.

1. Tell you about your energy efficiency

Sometimes, you’re wasting electricity in ways that you didn’t realize. By having an electrician inspect your home for energy efficiency, you can find out about the sources of wasted electricity. Your electrician may have some quick and easy tips for fixing inefficiencies, and you may find yourself saving money on your electric bill faster than you imagined.

2. Install LED lights

Tired of reminding your kids to turn out the lights every time they leave a room? LED lights can help. A qualified electrician is fully capable of replacing your incandescent bulbs with LED lights. While LED lights cost over $100 years ago, they are now an affordable option. Their installation won’t break the bank, and LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than incandescent lights.

But just how much money can a LED bulb save you? Based on 2013 data, the average cost of residential electricity in the US was 12 cents per kilowatt hour. While an incandescent bulb would cost you $201 over a 23 year period, a LED one would only cost $38. This savings becomes more significant when you consider the number of light bulbs in your home. Even after a few years, the savings on your electric bill could add up.

3. Offer home automation

Home automation is no longer a thing of the future. A smart home is a smart way to save money on your electric bill. Instead of having lights on in every room of your house, you can set lights to turn off when everyone leaves a room. You can optimize your heating and cooling settings to be as efficient and comfortable as possible with one of the many smart thermostats available. Experts estimate that a smart thermostat can save you $135 each year.

Another “smart” option is a smart power strip. They prevent electronics from zapping energy when they aren’t in use. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory believes that the strips can save up to $200 each year in electricity costs.

Setting up a smart home isn’t easy, so it’s best to work with a qualified electrician. With their help, you can set up an energy efficient home that doesn’t require constant monitoring. In addition to making your home more efficient, a smart home makes it more convenient. It’s a win-win situation.

4. Give you advice

An inspection isn’t the only way to find out about your home’s energy waste.You can also ask your electrician for advice about the various systems in your home. Is your thermostat efficient, or is it wasting money? Should you replace your water heater? Are your appliances wasting money? These are all questions worth asking an experienced electrician. You can make any suggested changes and watch your energy bill drop.

Consider your hot water heater. An inefficient hot water heater uses energy to keep water at a high temperature. It may lead to over $50 of wasted electricity costs each year. Asking your electrician about it and having them install a more efficient one can add to your savings.

5. Install solar panels

Although you might be intimidated by the thought of installing solar panels on your roof, there’s nothing to fear. For one, the cost of solar panels and their installation has gone down over the years. Many states even offer tax cuts to residents with solar panels.

With solar panels, you might be able to cut your electricity usage in half. In turn, you cut your energy bill in half. And although solar panels cost thousands of dollars, the lower electric bills will pay for the installation over time. If you plan on staying in your home for years, you should ask your electrician about solar panel installation.

For a cheaper option, consider heating your water with solar power. The savings won’t be nearly as high, but you can still experience some savings.

Keeping Your Electric Bill Low

You may wonder if saving $50 or even $100 a month is worth the trouble of making your home energy efficient. But the truth is, the money adds up. There are many different ways that an electrician can lower your electric bill, and each one of those ways adds to your savings. If you follow through with an electrician’s advice, you can end up with hundreds of dollars in savings.

When it comes to electricity savings, every little bit makes a different. If you consider to be aware of your own electricity usage and you make your home more energy efficient, your actions will pay off. To start experiencing savings soon, you should contact your local electrician.

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