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Residential Air Conditioning Repair & UpgradesSince 1978 Suncoast Electric and Air has been serving south Florida businesses and homeowners with the best and most affordable air conditioning upgrades and installation. Our specially trained technicians promise to give your home the custom attention it deserves when evaluating your upgrade. With three generations of Air Conditioning knowledge, we have the ability to see what others don’t, in order to find a perfect fit for your need and budget.

SUNCOAST ELECTRIC AND AIR takes precautionary and preventative steps for homeowners and business owners that make sure a/c units are upgraded and installed properly. When working on a new installation, safety is always of utmost importance to SUNCOAST ELECTRIC AND AIR. Maintaining your unit with new filters, unclogging drain lines, installing and repairing proper electrical connections, cleaning coils, duct cleaning, and thermostats is one of our specialties.

Our experienced technicians offer service that will guarantee optimal air performance and this will always include a diagnosis of malfunctioning units along with an estimate of the cost for necessary upgrades and installations.

Air Conditioning ProvidersSuncoast is specially trained and knowledgeable to work on many recognizable brands!

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Suncoast always gives you options on the right units for your home. Models are chosen dependent on layout, square footage, and features that help you to comfortably control your climate. We guarantee that there is an air conditioner to fit any commercial or residential property need!

SUNCOAST A/C Technicians are certified and specially trained in the latest units and devices in order to provide the most effective upgrade and installation.

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