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When You Should Call an Emergency Electrician.. And When You Should Wait

Knowing when to call a 24-hour emergency electrician isn’t always easy. Unless you have experience working with electrical problems, it can be hard to know when something needs an urgent repair. Here are a few tips to help you know when it’s time to call an emergency electrician, and when you should wait.

When You Should Call a 24 Hour Emergency Electrician

It’s always a good idea to call an emergency electrician when you have a genuine concern for your safety. Even if the issue turns out to be minor electrical problems, there’s no reason to risk damage or harm.

1. An Issue That Won’t Go Away

If an appliance or light fixture has been malfunctioning for an extended period, you should call for help. When an electrical problem doesn’t go away after an hour or two, there may be an underlying problem that could be dangerous. It’s best to have an electrician check it out as soon as possible.

2. Unusual Noises

A buzzing or humming noise can sound scary. In reality, it is. A loud hum from your breaker box is usually a sign that the wiring is faulty or isn’t tripping. If this problem isn’t fixed soon, you could experience electricity problems throughout your home. It’s best t fix the problem before it becomes too big.

3. Power Loss

Sometimes, a loss of power can be related to an issue outside of your home. A storm or accident could have damaged a power line and caused a neighborhood blackout. However, the problem could be inside your home. If your home loses power, you should first call the power company. And if they don’t have an explanation, you should call a 24-hour emergency electrician. They can pinpoint the damage and fix it.

4. Funny Smells

Do you smell something burning in your home? A burning or acrid smell is a sign of a serious, immediate problem. If you smell burnt plastic, you may have damaged wires. It’s possible that an electrical fire can start. If you can safely cut off the power, cut it immediately. Then, call your emergency electrician.

If you smell smoke, you may already have an electrical fire. Instead of calling your electrician first, you should call your fire department. Once they check your home for a fire, you can call an electrician to find the problem and fix it before another fire starts.

5. Flooding

In the case of a flood, your electricity might be the last thing on your mind. However, it should be one of your first thoughts. Impure water is a conductor, and when it is in contact with wires and outlets, your safety is at risk. An electrician can come to your home and make sure that you’re not at risk for shock.

You shouldn’t only call for major flooding. If you have an accident in your home and water comes into contact with your wiring, you should call for help. Dealing with it yourself could result in shock, and ignoring it is just as dangerous.

6. There Are Exposed Wires

Although you might be tempted to use outlets with exposed wiring, it’s extremely dangerous to do so. Outlets and cords with exposed wires can cause burns, neurological problems, ventricular fibrillation, and death. Avoid touching them and contact an electrician to repair them as soon as possible.

When You Shouldn’t Call

Not every electrical situation is an emergency. Sometimes, you can wait to get the problem fixed.

1. The Issue Isn’t Consistent

If you have a problem that comes and goes, there’s no need to call an emergency electrician. There may be minor electrical problems, but it can wait.

2. Only One System Is Affected

When only one system is affected by an electrical problem, the issue is minor enough that it doesn’t constitute an emergency. So one outlet or one breaker isn’t anything to lose sleep over. It might be inconvenient, but it can wait.

3. A Neighborhood Power Outage

A power outage is annoying, but it’s not a reason to call an emergency electrician- at least, not when it’s affecting your neighbors. A neighborhood blackout is the power company’s issue, and an electrician won’t be able to help you. You can and should always call your power company to find out the problem.

4. You’re Not Concerned About Your Family’s or Home’s Safety

Emergency services are for emergency situations. You should hesitate to call for an electrician unless you believe you may be in danger. Assess the situation and determine if there’s any risk. If not, it can wait.

Don’t Hesitate to Get Help

Sometimes, you have to trust your gut. If you believe that there are dangerous electrical problems in your home, call a 24 hour emergency electrician. You may end up saving your home from an electrical fire. It never hurts to err on the side of safety.


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