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Why Challenger Electrical Panels Require Professional Repairs

Challenger Electrical Panel Replacement

If you consider yourself a DIY enthusiast you may be tempted to handle your own repairs on Challenger electrical panels. After all, you have completed other electrical jobs around the home with positive results. But it’s important to realize that repairs on Challenger electrical panels are a completely different kind of job, and only an experienced professional is qualified to do the work. These are few reasons why:

Repairs are Always Dangerous

Challenger Electrical PanelsEven if you turn off the main breaker, power is being fed into your Challenger electrical panels. That means if you do not work with skill and expertise there is the very real risk of electrocution. It is not worth sacrificing your health or possibly even your life just to save a few bucks on the cost of an electrician. Rather than putting yourself at risk, leave this dangerous repair up to professional.

Repairs are Always Complicated

You may have been able to wire up a socket or install a ceiling fan, but that doesn’t mean you have the electrical expertise to work on Challenger electrical panels. Just finding the source of the problem can be tricky, and in many cases it takes careful, complicated work to get it resolved in full. Unless you have experience as a professional electrician, this job is likely to leave you frustrated and flustered. Remember that the best home repair enthusiasts understand their limitations.

Repairs are Always Necessary

Problems with Challenger electrical panels directly impact the performance of the electrical systems throughout your home. When there is an issue you may not be able to use your appliances or tun on your lights. And if the problems are serious enough there is the very real risk of an electrical fire or lasting damage to your electrical systems. A professional can come to your home and resolve your issues quickly and in full.
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