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Common Holiday Electrical Issues

Beware of these Common Holiday Electrical Issues!

Common Holiday Electrical IssuesAt Suncoast, we’re well aware that the holidays are upon us, which can only mean one thing: common holiday electrical issues! No matter which of the many holidays you celebrate, you need to bear the following common holiday electrical issues in mind to keep your family safe throughout this, and every other, season.

Avoid these common holiday electrical issues

Because South Florida has a warm climate throughout the year, there’s very little to be concerned about in terms of electrical heating (which would be a problem in the Northern states). However, being in a warmer climate can lead to other issues that you might want to consider as you gather ‘round the Christmas tree (or menorah).

Watch Your A/C’s Capacitors

One of the most common holiday electrical issues in warmer climates such as ours involves the air conditioning units – and, more specifically, the capacitors. Capacitors are what’s found in A/C’s that allow the system to run smoothly and efficiently. If your capacitors are overloaded – especially during a particularly sweltering day – you’ll find your A/C motor burned out before you can think twice. Try to make sure to keep your A/C at around 72 degrees, or more, to avoid capacitor burnout.

Don’t Overload Your Electrical Outlets

This is one of the most common holiday electrical issues in homes that put up a Christmas tree during the holidays. The need for bigger, brighter, and more lights can cause your home’s electrical outlets to become overloaded, resulting in electrical outages and fires. To avoid this, make sure you limit the number of lights to no more than three per outlet, and throw away all the lights that are burned out or otherwise have compromised wiring.

Keep Your Outdoor Décor Away From Fire Hazards

Another of the most common holiday electrical issues stems from outdoor décor that uses electricity. These wires are more likely, than any other, to catch fire, because of their exposure to outside elements, such as water, extreme heat, and lightning bolts. Be sure to keep the wires from the elements as much as you can, and whenever possible, use GFCI (ground fault protected) outlets.

Suncoast Can Solve All of Your Electrical Issues Throughout the Year!

For more information about how Suncoast can help you solve all of your common holiday electrical issues, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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