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Delray Electrician – Four Reasons You Need One

4 Signs You Need a Delray Electrician

delray electricianWhen all the power in your home or business suddenly goes out it’s a clear sign that you need a Delray electrician. But often the signs are not so obvious. And the longer you wait to call in a professional, the worse the problem gets and the more expensive the fix becomes. Look for these four subtle signs that you need a Delray electrician:

You Get Shocked

It is not uncommon to get shocked by static electricity. But if you have been getting shocked when you plug in or unplug a chord, it is a problem you need to address. In addition to the annoyance and discomfort of the shocks, there is the risk that the wiring behind your walls could be damaged. If you do not call in a Delray electrician, the frequency and severity of the shock could get worse, and you risk an electrical fire.

Your Outlets and Appliances Get Hot

Some appliances like space heaters and coffee makers are designed to get hot. But if the cord or outlet they are plugged into is also getting hot, it indicates a problem with your home electrical system. Obviously, the build up of this heat could lead to a fire, which is why you will want to contact a Delray electrician ASAP.

You Notice a Strange Odor

You expect your appliances to work when you plug them in, not stink. If you notice an unpleasant odor coming from an outlet or an appliance, it is likely because a heat source is melting plastic somewhere. You should immediately but safely unplug the appliance and call a Delray electrician immediately.

You Hear a Popping Sound

A popping sound when you plug in or turn on an appliance indicates that a wire is loose or poorly connected. A popping sound a serious problem that could burn up your appliances or lead to a fire. You should cut off power at the circuit breaker and get in touch with a Delray electrician.

Electric problems require immediate attention. If you have any reason to believe that your home requires a Delray electrician, call Suncoast Electric and Air at 561-220-0183.

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