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5 Questions to Ask Electrical Contractors in Delray Beach

electrical contractors in delray beachWhen you have an electrical problem you want a fast solution. But that doesn’t mean you should hire the first team of electrical contractors in Delray Beach that you find. The quality of area contractors varies widely. And for something as important as the electrics in your home or business, you want to work with team you can trust. Ask any electrical contractors in Delray Beach these five questions before you hire them:

Are You Insured?

If someone is hurt on the job you do not want to be help responsible. You should only work with contractors who are insured, bonded, and have workers compensation coverage. If you encounter a team of contractors who does not, or hesitates to give you an honest answer, do not work with them.

Are You Licensed?

Having a Florida state license ensures that the electrical contractors in Delray Beach you hire are up to date about the latest codes and professional standards. The contractors should also be able and willing to pull all the necessary permits and schedule an inspection if necessary. Contractors who try to get around these regulations only put you and your home at risk.

Is Your Company Drug Free?

You would assume that all companies are, but you would be surprised how many do not have formal policies in place. Electrical work is dangerous for anyone performing it. And if something goes wrong, the consequences for your home can be catastrophic. You want to feel confident that the electrical contractors in Delray Beach you are working with have perfect presence of mind.

What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

You do not want to hire a team of contractors that is a month old. Experience counts for a lot in electrical work. If you go with a team of contractors that is new or unfamiliar with the kind of work you need, you’re simply asking for problems and mistakes.

Do You Have References?

Electrical contractors in Delray Beach who are prepared to provide you with quality service should have a track record of doing so in the past. If you find a company that is unable or unwilling to provide you with references, it suggests they have a lot of unsatisfied former customers.

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