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Electrical Panel Upgrade? Do You Need One?

Electrical Panel Upgrade – Suncoast Electric and Air

Electrical Panel UpgradeDo you have flickering lights? Or sparking outlets? Symptoms like this are signs that you may be in need of an electrical panel upgrade. While you may not know it your electrical panel is the central hub for the all of the electricity that is coming into your home. If for example too much power comes into your house (power surge) the breaker will stop the power from going to your appliances. Your breaker panel can also protect you against shocks, burns, and other nasty electrical issues. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this and they wait until it is too late to get their issues addressed which can lead to devastating electrical fires.

Signs You Need An Electrical Panel Upgrade

At Suncoast Electric and Air we specialize in getting our clients the best deals possible on electrical work in all of South Florida. We have been on hundreds of calls where our client has come home to everything from smoke in their home to fire trucks. In this article we are going to go over a few things you can check to tell if it is time for an electrical panel upgrade before it is too late.

  • Colored Breakers:
    In older homes you may not need to do much more than open the door to your electrical panel. Many homes built in the last 20 or 30 years have panels that are now considered obsolete. If you open your panel only to find colored breaker switches (not colored indicator tape) you likely have one of these obsolete breaker panels. If you have colored breakers you may have a Zinsco or FPE electrical panel which will without a doubt fail far sooner than later. Remember if you have colored breakers it is time to get your panel replaced as soon as possible.
  • Loose Breakers:
    The breakers in your electrical panel are connected to a part called the busbar. If the electrical panel is the heart pumping electricity to where it is supposed to go i.e. outlets, the busbar is the spine of your electrical system. When you have loose breakers you are at a huge risk of not only failure but also sparks which can lead to breakers melting, fires, and complete failure which can result in complete loss of power in your home. If you have loose breakers you are going to need an electrical panel upgrade
  • Moisture:
    If there is moisture in your electrical panel you need to contact an electrician immediately. We all know that you should not use your hair dryer in the bath tub… why in the world would you want their to be water in close proximity to the heart of your electrical system.

In short these are a few simple indicators that you need to contact a Palm Beach Emergency Electrician

  1. Colored Breakers
  2. Loose Or Cracked Breakers
  3. Moisture In Your Panel

If you are experiencing electrical panel issues do not fret, contact the best electricians in South Florida at Suncoast Electric and Air today to discuss your issues. We are available at any time at 561-220-0183.

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