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SunCoast specializes in flood and fire insurance claims and accidents. Since we are state wide General Contractors and Electrical, our expert technicians can repair any damage in a fast time frame so the tenants can get back in their home. Dealing with insurance companies is a strategic and stressful process that we have perfected through out the years. We can provide you with safe temporary power while your house is being worked on. Houses have issues all the time from water heaters breaking, leaky pipes, electric fire, walls shifting with time, and lightning strikes. SunCoast is here to provide you with around the clock security that you will be addressed in the manor you should deserve.  Insurance companies take strict and persist guidelines for a claim to go through.

The proper way to address a flood is to isolate the area from rest of house. Immediately vacuum up the water and dehumidify the area so water does not create mold, damping wood, drywall, clothes in closet, and furniture.  Precise room pressures and fans have to be added for proper isolation and removal for three to four days! After insurance adjuster visits sites, its time to put back the drywall, flooring, baseboards, and other damaged areas.

When fire damage occurs, it weakens the integrity of the house. Roofs can collapse in from the damage trusses, walls can fall down, the floor can cave in, and electrical wires are exposed. Our mission is to provide safety to our customers and make sure their insurance claim goes as smooth as possible.  NO one wants this to happen to them but accidents and natural disasters happen every day.

SunCoast will provide back up generators to work all through the night and make sure your valuable home is fixed.  Since your home is an investment, SunCoast makes sure that you get the superior craftsmen ship that will last. If its not done right then it is FREE! Generators are important to make sure you get power back on quickly before your food goes bad, ice melts on your floor, moisture builds up and creates mold. SunCoast will NEVER LEAVE YOU IN THE DARK! “SunCoast WERE there!”

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