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Hi-Tech Home Security Options for Your Home

For homeowners and renters alike, home security is a top priority. As technology becomes more advanced, your home security options become more advanced. There are some excellent hi-tech gadgets that can keep your home protected and your family safe. Find out what options you have available.

1. Better door locks

The first barrier between a burglar and your home is the lock on your front door. However, not every home uses the safest door locks. Old locks can be easy to pick and give burglars easy access to your home. Fortunately, smart locks make it much harder for unwanted people to gain entry to your home. If someone tampers with your door, the lock may send a notification to your phone. You can find out about a break-in attempt in real-time.

Some smart locks even allow you to lock your doors remotely. If you worry that you forgot to lock the door behind you, you can go into an app and lock it from anywhere. Likewise, you can make sure that your children don’t forget to lock the door behind them You can have the peace of mind that your home is safe at all times.

In addition to giving you security, hi-tech door locks are also convenient. For one, you don’t need to carry your keys with you everywhere. All you need is a key code. Some smart locks recognize your smartphone and automatically unlock as you approach the door. When you have your hands full, this can be a very convenient feature. Another benefit is the ability to share your key code. While you don’t want to tell everyone your door code, you may be able to create a temporary code for someone. If you have any guests staying, they can get an immediate “key” to your door. Smart locks make your life both easier and safer.

2. Security Lights

One of the biggest deterrents to a burglar is lighting. With some of the new lighting options on the market, you can make your home safer. Motion sensor lights go off when they detect motion in your front yard. While lights with older technology would trigger at the slightest motion, newer models have varying settings. You can adjust the sensitivity of the lights. When a bird flies by, the lights stay off. But when someone wanders onto your property, the lights shine brightly on them.

Now, you can even find some security lights that work hand-in-hand with video cameras. Some video cameras are cleverly disguised as porch lights. In addition to shining brightly when they detect motion, the lights also record the action. You can view video from your smartphone to keep an eye on your property. No matter where you are, you can keep your home safe.

One of the most important details about your security lights is their placement. If you want to make the most of your lighting, you need to place the lights strategically. In addition to placing them in areas that will scare away burglars, you also need to make sure the placement works well with your electricity. Your best bet may be to contact an electrician for help. They can make sure you have the best set-up for your security options.

3. An alarm system for home security

If you’re looking for an alarm system, you have a lot to choose from. Whether you want a simple or hi-tech home security option, there are plenty of options. Some home security systems connect directly to an alarm company. When someone triggers the system, the alarm company notifies the police. You can have the police at your door to ensure your security immediately.

There are also home alarm systems that you can monitor yourself. New technology makes it possible for your alarm system to connect to an app on your smartphone. When someone enters your home, you can receive a notification. You may even set up cameras throughout your home. When you have any concerns, you can remotely view your cameras. If you see anything that you don’t like, you can trigger a siren that scares off the burglar.

Finding the right alarm system requires you to do some research. Everyone has their own preferences. While some prefer a professionally monitored system, others prefer the DIY version. Both options can give you security, but each has its own merits and drawbacks.

4. Smart Appliances

When you’re not home, your home is at risk. Often, burglars can tell when no one is home. The lights are off, the driveway is empty, and there are no traces of people. However, smart appliances make it possible to make your home seem occupied. For example, you can turn on your television remotely from an app on your phone. At night, you can remotely turn your lights on or off. Instead of keeping your lights on a predictable timer, you can make them unpredictable. You can trick a burglar into thinking that someone is home. New technology keeps your home safe.

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