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HVAC Services for Senior Living Facilities

As a society, there are things that we tend to take HVAC services for granted. Shelter tends to be among the things that we don’t think about having. It is easy for us to adjust temperatures in our homes, without thinking about how other people might not have that luxury. But, something we don’t often think about is how senior living is affected by HVAC services. At least, we don’t think about them until we re too old to have a choice. Many of us don’t realize that in many cases, it can be the difference between life and death.

Hurricane Irma

Recently, Hurricane Irma left a Florida nursing home in a terrible state. They had no air conditioning, and there was nothing done about it. There was no power in the area, and the generator was lost. While the details are still a bit fuzzy, it seems like the care facility had met the requirements of the law. However, there wasn’t enough power for the HVAC services to be maintained. Nothing was known about this until calls came in to emergency services because someone was having in cardiac arrest. Another call came in for someone having breathing problems. As many people as possible were brought to medical facilities, but some were found already dead. If you need more information about the dangers of leaving HVAC systems unattended to, you can read more here.

Senior Care Requires HVAC Services

While many of us rely on our HVAC systems, in many cases seniors rely on them more. The environment of a senior living facility needs control for many reasons; the majority of which are health-related. Seniors are naturally more susceptible to pneumonia, so the air in these buildings needs to be flowing and monitored. Pneumonia can be something annoying and would be draining to most; but to seniors, it is likely to mean death. They are also more delicate and have frail systems. So, when they are too warm, their bodies are affected in a much more harsh way. Heat can cause dehydration, overexertion of the body and stress on the body. All of these things can cause death for the elderly. And, as we saw in Florida, does.

HVAC Systems

While the HVAC systems in senior living facilities might be more crucial, they require the same care as any other HVAC system. They may be more substantial systems and have varying details, but at the core; they are very much the same. While there are some technicians that may become overwhelmed by them or may not have experience with them; that is no reason to fret. The same principles hold true. The filters and mechanisms need observation and maintenance. This is something that will have a long-term effect on the system as a whole and could keep it running longer. Making sure that the vents have no obstructions and that the maintenance runs on a schedule will relieve stress on the HVAC system, allowing it to run smoother and last longer. But, these are all commonplace practices.

Repairing HVAC Systems

While the maintenance of an HVAC system in a nursing home isn’t incredibly different, the repair of one is no easy task. When there are problems with your air conditioning, you don’t want to take the chance of trying to fix it; if you don’t know what you are doing. Not only is possible that you won’t fix the problem, but it’s likely you will make the problem worse. This isn’t a chance you want to take. It could cost you more time without HVAC services and more money to get them back on track. Neither of these is something that anyone wants. But, this is especially dangerous when in an assisted living facility.

However, it is best to speak to a professional when you have questions about these kinds of problems. You will need to find someone who has experience in this field and knows the problem you are up against. Not only the HVAC system problem, but the problem of needing it fixed and lives depending on their efficiency. These are very complex systems that need professional eyes, so don’t take chances diagnosing problems you don’t understand.

It is all too easy to call someone and ask any questions you may have, but even then you are giving a chance to making matters worse. The best solution is to have an experienced technician take a look at your HVAC system and see what they think your problem is. They will be able to give you a good idea of what may also be causing it and any options you have for its repair. In a lot of cases, they will try to find you cheap shortcuts if there are any available. But, you also want to make them aware of how much rests on your HVAC system. You can start your search here.

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