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Panels & Breakers

GE BreakerBreakers are a crucial component to the electrical system that protects homes and business against electric shock, burns, and fires. Breakers are design to trip if they detect an arc or too much amperage. SunCoast Electric and Air has 22 years of testing and replacing breakers that are damaged.  With age, breakers collect dust, dirt, corrosion, rust, and ants that slow or hinder the tripping process. After 15 years, breakers should be changed out of your electric panel to insure safe and proper working order. There are certain breakers that do not trip at all after 25 years which leads to home fires and hazardous conditions.

“Do not wait till its too late and put you family and employees at danger.” – Suncoast Family

Replace all colored breakers!

The rule of thumb is “If the breakers are not all black then they need to be replaced!

Older Breakers:

  • FPE / Stab lok
  • Zinco
  • Cuttler-Hammer (light brown)
  • ITE
  • Sylvania

Newer and more efficient breakers are:

  • Square D
  • Cutler hammer ( all black)
  • Siemens
  • Murray
  • GE

 Brand New Panel and Breakers

Did you know that your Breaker connects to the busbar, which is the spinal column of the electric circuit? With age and use the busbar begins to heats up from friction. When we were young we learned that rubbing our hands together creates friction which is a form of heat. This same friction within your breaker will create heat which will expand metal overtime. When the circuit does not have a load, it cools down and shrinks. After 15 years of expanding and shrinking the busbar changes shape and spreads the breaker attachment part which creates a gap. This gap starts arcing over time which will worsen until it inevitable failure occurs. This is why breaker panels should be replaced with all new breakers.

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