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Ways to Save Energy in Florida During the Winter

Some winter days in Florida can be surprisingly chilly, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to stay warm. There are ways to both save energy and keep your house warm. All that you have to do is follow the tips below.


One proven way to lower both your winter and summer energy bill is to make sure that your home is sufficiently insulated. If you’ve noticed that it’s difficult to maintain a steady temperature in your home, your insulation could be at fault. Insulation will help temperature in your home remain comfortable despite the weather.

If you’re not sure whether your home is adequately insulated, request an inspection from an installer. He’ll inspect your home and locate the places in your walls and crawl space where the amount of insulation is inadequate due to incorrect installation or due to the age of the insulation.

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can save energy and save a few bucks by doing the installation. It’s not difficult, and it’s a simple entry-level DIY weekend project.

Dress warmly

You can easily save money if you can train your family not to automatically adjust the thermostat when the weather turns a bit chilly. If everyone would be willing to swap their shorts and flip-flops for long pants and socks, your energy bill won’t go up. You’ll save even more if you can convince them that they look great in sweaters.

In winter conveniently keep in your family’s TV room a blanket for snuggling. It will encourage everyone to leave the thermostat alone in favor of a little family coziness.

Don’t forget to have a blanket available for each bed. You’ll save energy if you keep your thermostat lower overnight.

Cover the floor

The flooring of Florida houses is often a hard surface such as tile to counteract hot summer temperatures. But on cold days in winter an area rug will not only protect your feet from the chilly floor, but it will also make it easier to heat the room.

Let the sun do the work

The windows of your home can help you save energy if you use them correctly. The Florida sun often shines brightly even on winter days. Take advantage by opening your drapery and letting the sun warm your home. You’ve no doubt noticed how high the interior temperature of a car could get when the car sits in the sun even on a mild day. That’s because the windows are intensifying the heat from the sun. The same principle applies to the windows of your home.
Conversely, close your window treatments once the sun sets to trap the warm air inside.

Add film to your windows

You can also reduce the heat loss through your windows and patio doors by covering them with a transparent removable plastic film made especially for that purpose. Patio doors are a beloved staple of homes in Florida, but they can also be the reason that you’re having trouble keeping the room warm in winter.

Don’t heat unused space

Try closing the door to seldom-used rooms. Why waste money keeping a guest room warm and cozy when you’re not hosting any guests?

Use space heaters

You can heat small to medium-sized rooms less expensively using space heaters. Space heaters come in a variety of styles. You may decide on different types for different areas of your home. Fan-forced heaters spread their heat quickly for those occasions when you need to raise the temperature in a room as soon as possible. However, the noise of the fan may not be suitable for your work and study area. There you might opt for a radiator style heater. It’s silent and efficient, though it takes longer to generate heat.

Make your thermostat smarter

Ask your electrician to upgrade your home heating and cooling unit with a smart thermostat. It learns your family’s pattern of behavior, so it knows automatically when to turn up the heat and when to turn it down. For example, it remembers the time that you go to bed, the time that you leave the house for work and the time that you return home.

Turn on your ceiling fan to save energy

Do you typically only use your ceiling fan during warm weather? A ceiling fan is also helpful during cold weather. Heat rises and becomes stuck at the ceiling. A ceiling fan will force the warm air back down to the level where you are. Set the fan to turn clockwise at its slowest speed. Caution: if you use a higher setting, you will begin to cool the air.

Ditch dirty filters

Make sure that you replace your furnace filter on time according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. And be sure that nothing is obstructing the air flow around your furnace.

Put moisture in the air

Have you noticed how moist air feels warmer than dry air even if they’re the same temperature? You can wisely make use of that principle in your home during winter with a low-cost humidifier.

Which tip will you use to save energy?

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