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Smart Homes are the Way of the Future

Technology is advancing at an alarming rate. Our phones are getting smarter by the day and computers are more capable of handling whatever we can throw at them. The next step in technological advancement is smart homes. Soon, you will be able to control everything in your home from your phone or computer. So, let’s take a look at some of the biggest advancement in smart home technologies.

Smart Homes: Thermostats

Thermostats are one device that has come a long way in recent years. The old manual thermostat was replaced with a programmable version. A programmable thermostat allows you to schedule the times you would like your HVAC system to change the temperature in your home. While this invention is great, what if you are out of town? What if you have dinner with friends after work and aren’t planning on going home at your normal time? Your HVAC system is going to adjust the temperature in your home unnecessarily. However, new smart thermostats offer a solution to this problem.

A smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home, even when you are not there. Also, a smart thermostat can turn itself on as soon as you walk into your house and your phone connects to your wifi network. Smart thermostats like the Nest, connect to your homes wifi network which allows you more control than a programmable thermostat. Also, these thermostats learn your patterns and behaviors. If you make your house one degree cooler every night before bed, a smart thermostat will learn that behavior and do it for you.

Smart Homes: Refrigerators

Refrigerators have pretty much been the same for 100 years. The only real advancements in refrigerator technology are the water and ice dispensers on the front of your refrigerator. However, in the past few years, refrigerators have come a long way. Today, your fridge isn’t just for keeping your food fresh. A smart fridge has all kinds of additional technology. How often do you go to the grocery store without a list? With a smart fridge, you could pull up a live picture of everything that is inside. Now there is no need to worry about whether or not you have milk, all you have to do is open an app on your smart phone and see.

Your smart fridge can also be your assistant. The newest LG smart fridges come with Alexa, Amazon’s assistant program. Alexa can help you make a grocery list, tell you the weather, or even order your groceries online with a voice command. While these refrigerators may still be too pricey for the masses, they will soon become affordable for most people.

Smart Homes: Lighting

Are you tired of getting out of bed to turn off the lights after reading? What if you could control all of the lights in your home from your phone? Well, now you can. Many companies are offering smart lighting solutions. There are different types of systems that you can install. There are light bulbs that will turn on when they hear a noise, or even learn your lighting patterns and turn your lights on and off when you’re not home. Additionally, these smart bulbs work even when you don’t have power.

If you are looking for more control, there are smart light switches that you can install that allow you to control all of your lights remotely.

Smart Homes: Doors

There are also new smart technologies that you can install at your front door. Believe it or not, most home break ins occur during the day when most people are at work. With new technologies like smart doorbells that can show you who is standing at your door, you can see burglars coming. Even if you are not home, you can have your doorbell send a notification to your phone if there is movement at your front door. You can even use this type of technology to not answer the door when your in-laws show up.

There are also new smart locks. Gone are the days of carrying around your keys. All you need is your smart phone, and you can unlock and lock your front door. Have you ever left your house and can’t remember if you locked the front door? Well, now you can lock your doors from anywhere.

Installing Your New Technology

Some of these products require simple DIY projects. However, there are new smart technologies for your home that you may want to have an electrician install. SunCoast Electric and Air can help you with all of your smart home ideas. We stay on the cutting edge of home technology and can guide you in the right direction when it comes to selecting products and appliances. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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