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The Benefits of Surge Protection

A surge is a high-amplitude, short-duration electrical fluctuation that’s usually caused by lightning, utility events, and some other events, for example:

  1. Lightning is the most well known type of surge. It can travel up to 1/2 mile from where it strikes.
  2. Utility events involve crossover of phases, capacitor switching, grid shifting, inductive loads and open neutrals.
  3. Internal events in the home are the most typical source of a surge. 65 percent to 80 percent of transient surges are caused internally from:

      • Pumps (well or pool)
      • A/C condenser motors
      • Refrigeration motors
      • Dishwasher motors
      • Washer/dryer motors.


These events can lead to the three D’s of surge problems: degradation, destruction, and downtime. To protect yourself from surges, you should invest in surge protectors. They provide protection from incoming surges, bounce surges from inrush current, and outdoor moisture conduction from local lightning. Some other advantages of using a surge protector are:

  • They reduce electronic downtime
  • They reduce maintenance costs
  • They reduce your electric bill

With a surge protector, homeowners will have inexpensive insurance for a central air conditioning system. Air conditioning systems are one of the most expensive items to repair or replace, so insurance on them is a must. Have an HVAC contractor install a surge protector for you and relax knowing that you’re safe from a surge.

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