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Upgrading Your Exterior Lighting In 2018

We don’t think about exterior lighting until the holidays. And once we put away the Christmas lights we try not to think about it until the holidays return. However, while you’re on that ladder, now might be a good time to think about upgrading your exterior lighting. Knowing which lights are best can be a little confusing. And while decorative lights might seem like a waste of time, they can have benefits too. But, are they what is best for your home and family?

Exterior Lighting: Motion Lights

Motion lights have become somewhat standard in exterior lighting. They used to be something that the most safety conscious of homeowners had, but have become somewhat cheaper and standard. They are something that can be found for around twenty bucks in most home repair stores or online. But, not many of us think about them or their benefits. That is until we are worried about our homes or personal safety. That is when we start to get rushed to find them and research which are best. None of that is necessary. Picking up a cheap motion light is easy and convenient. You can ask a professional at a store or order one online to come straight to your door. Because they are motion-based and automatic, sometimes they sense something outside before you hear or see it.

Exterior Lighting: Decoration

Exterior lighting doesn’t have to be strictly pragmatic. You can also decorate your backyard or front yard, which also offers some lighting in case you feel insecure. This can be something as simple as taking your Christmas lights down from the house but wrapping them around your trees. It will offer a romantic feel to your yard, but give visibility at night. While this might not necessarily deter a burglar or thief, it will make you feel a little better when you hear something go bump in the night. Depending on how many of them you set up and how bright they are, they can make you feel just as safe as other exterior lighting.

Exterior Lighting: The Driveway

Lights for the driveway are beneficial for night time drivers, but will also offer visibility for those nights you think something might be going on outside. They aren’t very bright, but they are better than nothing. And when you hear a sound outside, they are better than the pitch black of night. They tend to range in brightness; you will find brighter ones that will light a small driveway very well. But, they tend to be wanting when it comes to how much you can see, of your front yard. Lighting the path from your driveway to your door is also extremely helpful. Especially for any guests that you might have. Decoratively it sends the message that you care about people visiting you. Safety wise, it gives your yard more light to see by.

Exterior Lighting: Simple Porch Lights

If you do not want to spend a lot of money and are not concerned with exterior lighting, consider a simple upgrade to your porch lights. This is minimal in safety upgrades for your home. Whether you get a motion sensing light or simply get a better light for your porch, it is a wise investment. This is something that will scare away most burglars and will give you peace of mind. They come in handy for late visitors and for those days you hear something in your trash. The control is good for your electricity bill, but you will need to hear something before you see it. In this way, motion sensing lights are better for porches and doors. They might cost a little more on your electricity bill, but not enough for you to notice the difference.

Exterior lighting is something that is pretty easy to handle. However, each home is different, and a lot of times it is better to have a professional look at it. Because this is their business, it is something they will be able to give you more information about. They will know which options are best for the lighting you want to achieve and how to keep the costs low. They will also be able to advise you of any problems that might occur. The last thing you want is to put too many lights up and have an electrical problem. Those can range from a small outage to a large fire. And they are problems that require experienced eyes to foresee. It never seems like something you need a professional for until the damage is already done. You should at least take the time to call around and ask questions. You will want a few answers before you invest in exterior lighting. It is best to get it from a professional who has been doing this for a long time. You can start your search here.

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